WhatsApp bringing possibility to stream videos without opening Netflix

Did you ever receive a link to a Netflix video from your friend over WhatsApp?

Did you tried clicking the link and had trouble opening it as you need to leave WhatsApp to see that video?

Did you ever thought that if there could be any possibility to play Netflix videos inside WhatsApp?

If your answer is yes, then here we have good news for you. WhatsApp is launching a new feature in which you can play Netflix videos directly within WhatsApp without opening the Netflix app. Until now this feature was not available for Netflix and if we tried clicking the link then it would lead us to Netflix app or if we don’t have the app then it will ask us to install the app. From now on wards user will start experiencing this feature and can enjoy this new feature.

Previously the videos from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube were optimized for this feature and users could directly play videos without opening their respective applications. This saved lot of time of users to directly play the videos and they could chat over WhatsApp while watching the videos. As we know demand of Netflix has raised over time and people are including Netflix in their lifestyle it was important for WhatsApp to roll out an update like this.

It is a huge number of people that are interested in the Netflix app and like it’s shows. Sometimes people want to share some stuff with their friends and want them to watch it, at this point of time it was very difficult for some people to leave the chats in between to watch out the stuff his/her friend is sharing with them.Many users experienced problems playing the videos directly from WhatsApp and wanted a feature like this to come in and this is the time that this feature is out for WhatsApp and we believe people will be very happy to see this out on their devices.

As per the information we have got to know that this feature will not be available for android devices for now and will be available for IOS devices. We have no idea regarding the release of this feature on android as there if no official announcement about that, but It is assumed that once this feature is smoothly working on IOS then it will also be rolled out for android also. There is huge android market so WhatsApp will surely work to get this feature out for android devices as well, till that time IOS users can enjoy this feature.

To use this feature, you can simply click on the play button that your friend has shared with you and the video will start playing inside the WhatsApp. If you are unable to play videos internally then you may need to update your version of WhatsApp by going to your app store. Once you have the latest version installed you will be able to use this new feature.