Telecom companies to increase tariffs


When Jio entered the market at that specific time every telecom company reduced the prices. The prices of internet data and calls were dropped to and extent that it was just like free for the users. The competition was at this much level that Vodafone and Airtel has their AGR dues. Both the companies Airtel and Vodafone had collectively to pay 80,000 Crore to the government.


The competition with Jio made these 2 companies to fell into huge losses. At the time of Jio launch Jio was providing free internet and unlimited calls for around 1 year and still to maintain the customers prices went down. Still there is no comparison between free and paying less amount as users still needed to pay.

Now both the companies Airtel and Vodafone gave statements that they will be increasing tariff plans soon. They gave this statement on 18-Nov 2019, today Jio also says to increase the tariff plans. In October 2019 Jio stopped giving free calls as made it to 6 paisa per minute but after this now again Jio states to increase the prices which will surely make many users unhappy.

Vodafone stated that they will be raising tariffs from 1 December but there is no clear statement by Airtel, Jio regarding date of price increase. As of now the prices are also not clear that will be changed and no clear statement is there regarding services for price increase. It is assumed that internet data services and calls price will be raised but upto what extent is not clear yet.

As per Jio the IUC charge of 6/paisa minute is not for lifetime but will be there until TRAI gives statement to remove it completely. Already users of Jio are affected by this charge and many of them ported due to same tariffs in other telecom companies, but now they will not be able to enjoy the same tariff plans as Airtel and Vodafone are also to increase the prices.

People have been switching many telecom companies in recent 2-3 years but now again there will change in the Prices which will lead to switch many users again.

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