Redmi K30 to launch soon with dual 5G connectivity


We have been hearing regarding K30 of Redmi to be launched soon and we hope that it gets launched very soon. The general manager Lu Weibing said that this device will be coming with dual 5G connectivity so that means that you can use dual sim with 5G connection at same point of time, he added that the device will be launched with punch hole display that means there will be a hole in display where the front camera will be placed.


Punch Hole Design

The punch hole design is better than the previous Notch design which made people to stick to the new Notch design when it was launched. Now as we can see punch hole design is coming upfront so K30 is to be provided with new punch hole design. There is no clear statement that defines the chipset to be used in Redmi K30 but as per the information it may come with snapdragon 855 processor which is much better than other processors and provides smooth performance in terms of gaming or normal surfing.

Dual Front Camera

K30 is expected to have dual front camera which will be improving the image quality as both cameras will work together to provide better quality. The device is expected to have AMOLED display which will provide a good display quality and will be helpful to save battery juice.

Bigger Display

The smartphone is expected to have around 6 inch of display which is a huge display and will be liked by people who prefer to watch movies on a big screen mobile. It will also be preferred by gamers who plays games like PUBG so that they can easily spot the enemies around them. The display resolution of the device is expected to be 1080p which is Full HD and it will be best for gamers to play games at this resolution.

The battery of this Smartphone is stated to be 4000mah which will give a good battery backup even on heavy usage of the Smartphone. The charging slot offered will be USB Type-C  which is much better than old micro USB design. In terms of price range this device may not be pocket friendly for many people as this device will be priced between 25,000-30,000 INR which maybe not affordable by many people but if you are thinking of one time investment on a better device then this maybe one of them to choose from because of its outstanding features in this price range.

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