Instagram reels launched in competition to TikTok

As we can see there is a lot of craze among people for using TikTok and now a new applicaton named Instagram reels has been launched. People use TikTok for making videos that are small in length in other words we can say them simply 15 second videos. As we know the videos created in TikTok are shoot by people on an audio clip that is pre recorded and people create these videos for fun.


Some of the people use TikTok for gaining popularity and some use it for fun but recently as we know TikTok became friendly among lot’s of people and people start shooting videos when ever they get time. Due to this gaining popularity of TikTok, Instagram thought of creating an application.

This new application named Instagram reels is similar to TikTok in which we can shoot short 15-seconds clip. Users can use special effects, filters etc in Instagram reels as they were able to use in TikTok. Instagram reels allows us to create videos in which we can do lip syncing with a pre recorded music or movie audio. People can show their acting skills and gain popularity among others like many of TikTok users are doing right now.

The Instagram reels is only launched in Brazil right now as TikTok hasn’t taken over Brazil yet but if Instagram reels was launched in India then it would be really very tough for it to gain popularity as TikTok is already ruling over minds of people so just going on safe side Instagram took this action to release the new application in Brazil only.

For sure there will be differences between TikTok and Instagram reels as if Instagram reels will be same as TikTok then it will be very difficult to make this app grow. The only thing people liked in TikTok was creating clips and gaining popularity but if same is done by another app they will surely stick to TikTok as they will think Instagram copied it. One of the difference we got to know about Instagram reels is that we can set privacy at various levels and can let the people we want to see the videos.

TikTok releases first smartphone Smartisan Jianguo Pro 3

There were information regarding the smartphone to be released by TikTok earlier this year and finally TikTok owner ByteDance has officially released a smartphone named Smartisan Jianguo Pro 3. This smartphone is specially created by ByteDance for the people who use TikTok. The phone is said to be a Video phone as it is developed by keeping video making and posting over TikTok in mind.


Many TikTok users were facing issues to have a smartphone with a good camera and processing power etc so to take an advantage of this TikTok owner ByteDance was thinking of creating a smartphone and now it has officially released the device. This smartphone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus which provides smoothest performance in terms of heavy multitasking and hardcore gaming. Users can create videos, play games etc for longer without feeling the heat and lag on this device.

The Snapdragon 855 Plus was seen in high end devices only till now which were not budget smartphones and now this processor can be seen in TikTok’s new smartphone. The device is stated to have 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, So the users will never complaint regarding the multi tasking and storage as 256GB is a very huge storage for a smartphone to have.

The device comes with 4 rear camera’s 48MP + 13MP + 8MP + 5MP and has a 20MP front camera for taking selfies and making selfie videos.The device has a huge 4000mAh battery for giving uninterrupted performance whole day. Smartisan Jianguo Pro 3 comes with dual 4G network connectivity so people can enjoy high speed internet and high quality calling over this connection. As for the charging slot this device is updated with a new USB Type-C slot which is not available in many devices yet.

Smartisan Jianguo Pro 3 has body made of glass and comes in 3 colors Black, Green, Matsutake. The size of the screen is 6.39 inches and the resolution of the screen is 1080×2340. The device also has Quick Charge 4+ support which makes the device to charge faster and as per reports it is said that this technology can charge the device up to 50% in just 15 minutes.

The device has not been released in India yet but is released in China. Price of this device in China is RMB 3000 ( INR 30,000 approx ). There are no reports when this device will be released in India but we can guess that it will release soon.

Redmi K30 to launch soon with dual 5G connectivity

We have been hearing regarding K30 of Redmi to be launched soon and we hope that it gets launched very soon. The general manager Lu Weibing said that this device will be coming with dual 5G connectivity so that means that you can use dual sim with 5G connection at same point of time, he added that the device will be launched with punch hole display that means there will be a hole in display where the front camera will be placed.


Punch Hole Design

The punch hole design is better than the previous Notch design which made people to stick to the new Notch design when it was launched. Now as we can see punch hole design is coming upfront so K30 is to be provided with new punch hole design. There is no clear statement that defines the chipset to be used in Redmi K30 but as per the information it may come with snapdragon 855 processor which is much better than other processors and provides smooth performance in terms of gaming or normal surfing.

Dual Front Camera

K30 is expected to have dual front camera which will be improving the image quality as both cameras will work together to provide better quality. The device is expected to have AMOLED display which will provide a good display quality and will be helpful to save battery juice.

Bigger Display

The smartphone is expected to have around 6 inch of display which is a huge display and will be liked by people who prefer to watch movies on a big screen mobile. It will also be preferred by gamers who plays games like PUBG so that they can easily spot the enemies around them. The display resolution of the device is expected to be 1080p which is Full HD and it will be best for gamers to play games at this resolution.

The battery of this Smartphone is stated to be 4000mah which will give a good battery backup even on heavy usage of the Smartphone. The charging slot offered will be USB Type-C  which is much better than old micro USB design. In terms of price range this device may not be pocket friendly for many people as this device will be priced between 25,000-30,000 INR which maybe not affordable by many people but if you are thinking of one time investment on a better device then this maybe one of them to choose from because of its outstanding features in this price range.

WhatsApp bringing possibility to stream videos without opening Netflix

Did you ever receive a link to a Netflix video from your friend over WhatsApp?

Did you tried clicking the link and had trouble opening it as you need to leave WhatsApp to see that video?

Did you ever thought that if there could be any possibility to play Netflix videos inside WhatsApp?

If your answer is yes, then here we have good news for you. WhatsApp is launching a new feature in which you can play Netflix videos directly within WhatsApp without opening the Netflix app. Until now this feature was not available for Netflix and if we tried clicking the link then it would lead us to Netflix app or if we don’t have the app then it will ask us to install the app. From now on wards user will start experiencing this feature and can enjoy this new feature.

Previously the videos from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube were optimized for this feature and users could directly play videos without opening their respective applications. This saved lot of time of users to directly play the videos and they could chat over WhatsApp while watching the videos. As we know demand of Netflix has raised over time and people are including Netflix in their lifestyle it was important for WhatsApp to roll out an update like this.

It is a huge number of people that are interested in the Netflix app and like it’s shows. Sometimes people want to share some stuff with their friends and want them to watch it, at this point of time it was very difficult for some people to leave the chats in between to watch out the stuff his/her friend is sharing with them.Many users experienced problems playing the videos directly from WhatsApp and wanted a feature like this to come in and this is the time that this feature is out for WhatsApp and we believe people will be very happy to see this out on their devices.

As per the information we have got to know that this feature will not be available for android devices for now and will be available for IOS devices. We have no idea regarding the release of this feature on android as there if no official announcement about that, but It is assumed that once this feature is smoothly working on IOS then it will also be rolled out for android also. There is huge android market so WhatsApp will surely work to get this feature out for android devices as well, till that time IOS users can enjoy this feature.

To use this feature, you can simply click on the play button that your friend has shared with you and the video will start playing inside the WhatsApp. If you are unable to play videos internally then you may need to update your version of WhatsApp by going to your app store. Once you have the latest version installed you will be able to use this new feature.

100,000 Mate 30 5G units sold in first one minute of sale

Huawei was facing a very tough time in US after the ban happened but when it launched it’s new device Mate 30 in China it got the sales of 100000 devices in time span of just one minute. This was a great deal for people living in china as this device is coming with 5G connectivity and people now have started switching towards 5G.


As per Huawei they sold 1000000 non 5G Mate 30 devices last month. The 5G Mate 30 devices will go live for sale now on November 5 in China. They are stated to be sold outside China but there is no clear statement that defines when this will be happening.

It will be very difficult for Huawei to hit high in US market due to the ban they have been facing. They are said to sell the devices without Google apps and services but no one will like an android device without these important apps. There are still people who or opting in to buy this device even without these apps just because they are in love with the features and looks of this device, but still the sales will surely get a huge drop because of this.

Huawei Mate 30 5G is priced at CNY 5,000 that is 52,000 INR  while the Mate 30 Pro 5G costs CNY 6,900 which becomes 70,000 INR. The device comes with a 6.62 inches huge display making a benefit for people watching movies and playing games. By default users will get Android 10 installed in the device and the chipset used is HiSilicon Kirin 990 which gives a big boost to the performance of device.

The device comes with a 40MP+8MP+16MP triple rear camera and a dual front 24 MP, f/2.0
3D TOF camera. The device is stocked with Non-removable Li-Po 4200 mAh battery to give a outstanding performance. Usually a 4200mAh battery lasts a full day with heavy usage. The device is available in Black, Cosmic Purple, Space Silver, Forest Green colors, Emerald Green, Orange.