Jio fiber speeds capped


In recent years Jio was the company who was preferred by anyone among the whole country as it made drastic change in terms of services as users were provided with more data then that was provided by any other telecom operator before. Jio provided unlimited calls over any network and most of the people who were having 4G phones switched to Jio and enjoyed the free service for over 1 year.

Even after the 1 year people were provided with cheap data and voice plans that were really attractive. But now Jio has started charging people 6 paisa per minute over the calls. People were really very disappointed with this step taken by Reliance Jio as it was promised that there will be no charges for the calls ever.

After the launch of mobile services Jio started broadband service and provided people with free internet with 100Mbps of speed till the Jio fiber go officially live. When all the testing finished then plans were launched by Jio for fiber that are 199 per week with 100Mbps of speed and unlimited data, Bronze plan with 100Mbps of speed at the price of 699. The data in Bronze plan is limited to 150GB, we also have 849 rs silver plan with 400GB data at 100Mbps speed, Gold plan at price of 1299 rs with 750GB data at 250Mbps, Diamond plan with 1500GB data at 500Mbps speed with price of 2499 rs and finally Platinum plan with 2500GB data at 1Gbps speed with a price of 8499 rs.

Now the problem arises here that Jio has reduced the speeds to 10 percent of what it offers. So basically if you have 100Mbps plan active then you will only get 10Mbps speed. This change is really disappointing as people will not get the speeds that they are paying for. Also it seems that Jio is not thinking about people now and it is again and again disappointing the users. Firstly the calls became chargeable and now reduced broadband speeds are making people to switch the service provider.

It is obvious that people have already stared finding alternatives and the service provider that will think about the users will gain much popularity at this point of time.

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