Instagram reels launched in competition to TikTok

As we can see there is a lot of craze among people for using TikTok and now a new applicaton named Instagram reels has been launched. People use TikTok for making videos that are small in length in other words we can say them simply 15 second videos. As we know the videos created in TikTok are shoot by people on an audio clip that is pre recorded and people create these videos for fun.


Some of the people use TikTok for gaining popularity and some use it for fun but recently as we know TikTok became friendly among lot’s of people and people start shooting videos when ever they get time. Due to this gaining popularity of TikTok, Instagram thought of creating an application.

This new application named Instagram reels is similar to TikTok in which we can shoot short 15-seconds clip. Users can use special effects, filters etc in Instagram reels as they were able to use in TikTok. Instagram reels allows us to create videos in which we can do lip syncing with a pre recorded music or movie audio. People can show their acting skills and gain popularity among others like many of TikTok users are doing right now.

The Instagram reels is only launched in Brazil right now as TikTok hasn’t taken over Brazil yet but if Instagram reels was launched in India then it would be really very tough for it to gain popularity as TikTok is already ruling over minds of people so just going on safe side Instagram took this action to release the new application in Brazil only.

For sure there will be differences between TikTok and Instagram reels as if Instagram reels will be same as TikTok then it will be very difficult to make this app grow. The only thing people liked in TikTok was creating clips and gaining popularity but if same is done by another app they will surely stick to TikTok as they will think Instagram copied it. One of the difference we got to know about Instagram reels is that we can set privacy at various levels and can let the people we want to see the videos.

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