Jio fiber speeds capped

In recent years Jio was the company who was preferred by anyone among the whole country as it made drastic change in terms of services as users were provided with more data then that was provided by any other telecom operator before. Jio provided unlimited calls over any network and most of the people who were having 4G phones switched to Jio and enjoyed the free service for over 1 year.

Even after the 1 year people were provided with cheap data and voice plans that were really attractive. But now Jio has started charging people 6 paisa per minute over the calls. People were really very disappointed with this step taken by Reliance Jio as it was promised that there will be no charges for the calls ever.

After the launch of mobile services Jio started broadband service and provided people with free internet with 100Mbps of speed till the Jio fiber go officially live. When all the testing finished then plans were launched by Jio for fiber that are 199 per week with 100Mbps of speed and unlimited data, Bronze plan with 100Mbps of speed at the price of 699. The data in Bronze plan is limited to 150GB, we also have 849 rs silver plan with 400GB data at 100Mbps speed, Gold plan at price of 1299 rs with 750GB data at 250Mbps, Diamond plan with 1500GB data at 500Mbps speed with price of 2499 rs and finally Platinum plan with 2500GB data at 1Gbps speed with a price of 8499 rs.

Now the problem arises here that Jio has reduced the speeds to 10 percent of what it offers. So basically if you have 100Mbps plan active then you will only get 10Mbps speed. This change is really disappointing as people will not get the speeds that they are paying for. Also it seems that Jio is not thinking about people now and it is again and again disappointing the users. Firstly the calls became chargeable and now reduced broadband speeds are making people to switch the service provider.

It is obvious that people have already stared finding alternatives and the service provider that will think about the users will gain much popularity at this point of time.

BSNL Increases Tariff and Validity of Plan Rs 1,188 from 345 to 365 Days

When other companies were one by one announcing to increase the tariff at the same time government owned BSNL also took a decision to raise the price of plans. The plans users are currently using for calling, internet services etc will get raised that is going to affect most of the users.


It was an sudden action when all the telecom operators one by one started to increase the plans. There are lot of users getting affected by this. The first telecom operator was JIO who started charging 6 paisa/minute, and after this all other’s started to raise the plans.


To save the users from sending “PORT” requests BSNL has increased the validity of one of it’s plan named “Marutham”. This plan was launched in month of july under a promotional offer to build some customers and was available till 23 Oct. The plan was only made available for Tamil Nadu and Chennai area.


The plan currently offers validity of 345 days and to keep the customers alive BSNL made a decision to increase from 345 to 365 days. As the tariff increases the customer are either broken or if they see some benefit they stay with the company. This is the reason BSNL has increased validity of the plan. Now there might be a question that if the plan was available till 23 Oct then how can the price of plan increase at this point of time.


The answer to the question is really simple, the same plan previously expiring 23 Oct is now available till 16 Jan, 2020 and it seems interesting since many users find this plan a best fit for them. The Marutham plan offers unlimited calls but capped at 250 minutes per day and 1200 SMS per day.


The company will increment balance of users whenever they send message. It was stated that 6 paisa per message sent will be given to user. To activate this offer users have to send “ACT 6 paisa” to 9478053334.

Telecom companies to increase tariffs

When Jio entered the market at that specific time every telecom company reduced the prices. The prices of internet data and calls were dropped to and extent that it was just like free for the users. The competition was at this much level that Vodafone and Airtel has their AGR dues. Both the companies Airtel and Vodafone had collectively to pay 80,000 Crore to the government.


The competition with Jio made these 2 companies to fell into huge losses. At the time of Jio launch Jio was providing free internet and unlimited calls for around 1 year and still to maintain the customers prices went down. Still there is no comparison between free and paying less amount as users still needed to pay.

Now both the companies Airtel and Vodafone gave statements that they will be increasing tariff plans soon. They gave this statement on 18-Nov 2019, today Jio also says to increase the tariff plans. In October 2019 Jio stopped giving free calls as made it to 6 paisa per minute but after this now again Jio states to increase the prices which will surely make many users unhappy.

Vodafone stated that they will be raising tariffs from 1 December but there is no clear statement by Airtel, Jio regarding date of price increase. As of now the prices are also not clear that will be changed and no clear statement is there regarding services for price increase. It is assumed that internet data services and calls price will be raised but upto what extent is not clear yet.

As per Jio the IUC charge of 6/paisa minute is not for lifetime but will be there until TRAI gives statement to remove it completely. Already users of Jio are affected by this charge and many of them ported due to same tariffs in other telecom companies, but now they will not be able to enjoy the same tariff plans as Airtel and Vodafone are also to increase the prices.

People have been switching many telecom companies in recent 2-3 years but now again there will change in the Prices which will lead to switch many users again.

Instagram reels launched in competition to TikTok

As we can see there is a lot of craze among people for using TikTok and now a new applicaton named Instagram reels has been launched. People use TikTok for making videos that are small in length in other words we can say them simply 15 second videos. As we know the videos created in TikTok are shoot by people on an audio clip that is pre recorded and people create these videos for fun.


Some of the people use TikTok for gaining popularity and some use it for fun but recently as we know TikTok became friendly among lot’s of people and people start shooting videos when ever they get time. Due to this gaining popularity of TikTok, Instagram thought of creating an application.

This new application named Instagram reels is similar to TikTok in which we can shoot short 15-seconds clip. Users can use special effects, filters etc in Instagram reels as they were able to use in TikTok. Instagram reels allows us to create videos in which we can do lip syncing with a pre recorded music or movie audio. People can show their acting skills and gain popularity among others like many of TikTok users are doing right now.

The Instagram reels is only launched in Brazil right now as TikTok hasn’t taken over Brazil yet but if Instagram reels was launched in India then it would be really very tough for it to gain popularity as TikTok is already ruling over minds of people so just going on safe side Instagram took this action to release the new application in Brazil only.

For sure there will be differences between TikTok and Instagram reels as if Instagram reels will be same as TikTok then it will be very difficult to make this app grow. The only thing people liked in TikTok was creating clips and gaining popularity but if same is done by another app they will surely stick to TikTok as they will think Instagram copied it. One of the difference we got to know about Instagram reels is that we can set privacy at various levels and can let the people we want to see the videos.

WhatsApp bringing possibility to stream videos without opening Netflix

Did you ever receive a link to a Netflix video from your friend over WhatsApp?

Did you tried clicking the link and had trouble opening it as you need to leave WhatsApp to see that video?

Did you ever thought that if there could be any possibility to play Netflix videos inside WhatsApp?

If your answer is yes, then here we have good news for you. WhatsApp is launching a new feature in which you can play Netflix videos directly within WhatsApp without opening the Netflix app. Until now this feature was not available for Netflix and if we tried clicking the link then it would lead us to Netflix app or if we don’t have the app then it will ask us to install the app. From now on wards user will start experiencing this feature and can enjoy this new feature.

Previously the videos from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube were optimized for this feature and users could directly play videos without opening their respective applications. This saved lot of time of users to directly play the videos and they could chat over WhatsApp while watching the videos. As we know demand of Netflix has raised over time and people are including Netflix in their lifestyle it was important for WhatsApp to roll out an update like this.

It is a huge number of people that are interested in the Netflix app and like it’s shows. Sometimes people want to share some stuff with their friends and want them to watch it, at this point of time it was very difficult for some people to leave the chats in between to watch out the stuff his/her friend is sharing with them.Many users experienced problems playing the videos directly from WhatsApp and wanted a feature like this to come in and this is the time that this feature is out for WhatsApp and we believe people will be very happy to see this out on their devices.

As per the information we have got to know that this feature will not be available for android devices for now and will be available for IOS devices. We have no idea regarding the release of this feature on android as there if no official announcement about that, but It is assumed that once this feature is smoothly working on IOS then it will also be rolled out for android also. There is huge android market so WhatsApp will surely work to get this feature out for android devices as well, till that time IOS users can enjoy this feature.

To use this feature, you can simply click on the play button that your friend has shared with you and the video will start playing inside the WhatsApp. If you are unable to play videos internally then you may need to update your version of WhatsApp by going to your app store. Once you have the latest version installed you will be able to use this new feature.